Shirley Voelker - The Woodlands, Texas

After being a stay at home mom for many years, I went back to college and discovered I really enjoy learning everything about computers, which lead me to a job teaching Microsoft Office classes for the local community college for 15 years. Right before I retired 2013, I purchased my first DSLR and have been in a photography learning mode ever since. My current camera is a Canon 6D and I love it!

When I realized I had a great love for photography, I immediately became a student again, and am pretty much self taught by devouring some of the leading photography books, online photo courses and attending photography conferences.

A Few of My Favorite Photography Joys:

*Shooting a perfect flower photo.

*Processing photos and learning new editing techniques.

*Creating interesting Food Photography and Still Life.

*Getting shots of kids in while doing what they do best...Just being Kids.

*Catching action shots of kids playing sports.

*Being able to capture the special moments of people’s lives.

Fun Facts About Me:

*My first camera was a Polaroid Land Camera which I still have, and it lives in my living room on a shelf and still looks brand new. 

*I have always loved to swim.

*I grew up in Philadelphia and spent summers going to the Jersey Shore where we thought we had to burn and peel in order to get tan!...And used Iodine mixed with Baby Oil to accomplish this!

*I have 8 beautiful grandchildren.

*At Christmas time, I have a cookie baking addiction, I bake over 1000 cookies and send them out to relatives every year.

*I can fix pretty much anything in my house.

*I have 50 photo albums in my office where my life photos are saved. Ugh…I now need to take some time to digitize the memories.

Shirley Voelker

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