I've been playing with Lumenzia a Luminosity Masking panel for Photoshop. Here's some photos from 2015 I used to practice some of the techniques. The edits were started in Lightroom with basic edits. Then each was edited in Photoshop using the Lumenzia Panel designed by Greg Benz. Two years ago I did not even try to edit some of these photos because anything I tried or knew about at the time applied to the whole photo resulting in over edited parts and a bit frustrating. With Luminosity Masking, you get to target the area needing adjustments using Levels or curves and masking. I'm done playing for a while! Whew. Just thought I'd share this little Before and After Project I completed of our trip to Horseshoe Bend May 2015 using my Canon T3i, Sigma 18-250 lens, no tripod, raw files. Could not complete the edits using .jpg files.

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